Thursday, 30 June 2011

Interviewing Camille Risch.

As an activity of the English lesson, year 5 students interviewed Camille Risch, our American Assistant Teacher, for the school magazine. Since it is a Galician magazine, we have published a bilingual version on it.Read it carefully and enjoy it.
-Óscar: Camille, can you tell us a little about yourself?
-Camille: My name is Camille. I´m from Oklahoma. I have two brothers and two sisters. I studied Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Arkansas. I´m now enjoying teaching English.
-Tamara: What´s the name of your best friend?
-Camille: My best friens are Ricky, Ginger, Carleigh, Kelsey and Olivia. I have 5!
-Nour: How old were you when you started your degree?
-Camille: I was eighteen.
-Borja: Is this your first time in Spain?
-Camille: No, I studied abroad in Granada in 2008, but this is my first time in Galicia.
-Alejandro: What made you excited about coming to Spain?
-Camille: I love learning about different cultures and languages. Besides, living abroad is such a great adventure! I was excited to come to learn about Spanish culture and language.
-Martín: When did you begin studying Spanish?
-Camille: I began studying Spanish when I was 21.
-Gabriel: What do you like best about Spain?
-Camille: I like the diversity that exists in such a small country. From Flamenco in Andalucia to Paella in Valencia to the Celtic music here in Galicia.
-Ares: What were your first impressions when you arrived in Galicia?
-Camille: I arrived in September and fell immediately in love with the beautiful Rías; but my first impressions of Galician people was when I came to school and was welcomed so warmly!
-Tania: Have you travelled around Galicia and what do you think of it?
-Camille: Yes, I have. Everyone has been so excited to show me Galicia and teach me about the Galician culture and language. I´ve been to Lugo for the San Froilán; Pontevedra, where I tried lamprea; Baiona for the Arribada; Allariz to try the almendrados-which I love-, and A Coruña for a field trip to the museums with the students.
-Sara: Would you like to live in Galicia in the future?
-Camille: I really like Galicia, but Oklahoma is my home. I want to live closer to my family.
-Eva: Which landscape do you prefer, the Galician one or the Oklahoma one?
-Camille: Definately the Galician landscape. The views are spectacular from our school!
-Jorge: Have you ever been to Portugal?
-Camille: Yes, I have. I have been to Porto many times and I love it. I especially like the architecture and the individuality of every old building.
-Iset: What have you done in your spare time?
-Camille: Well, I ran the VIG- BAY MARATHON in April; but now I´m sick of running!!! Haha… I went camping on the Cies and I love that. I try to go to the beach as much as I can, because the weather is nice! I also love to read. It´s one of my favourite past times.
-Sabela: Now let´s move onto what you have done here and what you do at CEIP RÍA DE VIGO?
-Camille: Well, I am the American Language Assisstant for this school year. I assist Ana and Belén with their English classes. I think the advantage of being in a smaller school is that I get to see the students several times a week and we can coordinate very well with programs and activities.
-Pablo: How did you decide to become an Assisstant Teacher?
-Camille: I graduated from University, but I didn´t want to get a full time job like all my friends. This seemed like a great opportunity to teach about my language and culture and get to live in Spain.
-Tomás: How did you come to our Ría de Vigo school?
-Camille: Honestly, when I applied for the programm I have no idea to where to go. It was a complete surprise.
-Andrés: How did you feel when you got the post?
-Camille: When I saw I was placed in Galicia, at first I was very nervous. I thought everyone would speak Galician and I wouldn´t understand anything. However, what I found is that it was a silly concern. I am lucky to be in a region rich with culture and two languages. Also, I love Galicia and CEIP RÍA DE VIGO. There is no other school or region I´d rather be in.
-Iria: How do you like being in a Primary school?
-Camille: It´s fantastic. There are many projects and activities to keep the learning of English fun and interactive- as it should be!!!
-Marcos: What´s your favourite thing about being an Assisstant Teacher?
-Camille: My favorite thing is that I can teach about my culture from American holidays to what we eat for dessert. Mm… cupcakes and apple pie!
-Ada: What do you think of the English practice here?
-Camille: It´s fantastic. There are many projects and activities to keep the learning of English fun- as it should be!
-André: What do you think of the English level of the school?
-Camille: Very good. The children should be very proud of themselves, as should be the teachers. I didn´t start learning a second language until a few years ago. I would like that the children continue learning English with such motivation and enthusiasm.
-Marta: Do you want to continue teaching English?
-Camille: I´m not sure yet. There are many different paths I could take, but I definitely will remember my time here!
-Juan: Are you excited about next school year?
-Camille: I´m very excited about staying another year. We have many fun activities planned, but more than that, I hope the children take advantage of having me in the school. I like when a student stops me in the hall and asks “Como se dice…” I hope for many more hallway questions!!!
-Ana: Camille, we´d like to thank you for your collaboration and for your great work this year. We all wish you a fantastic Summer holiday and we are all looking forward to see you next school year. See you soon.

Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

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