Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thank you Camille!

We´d like to thank to Camille Risch for her great work at school!
She has always been so enthusiastic and her activities have always been very motivated to our students. They have improved their learning strategies towards the English language and become more fluent every day.
Thanks to her we had the opportunity of participating in the successful Pen Pal Program with Elmwod School of Arkansas, which provide our students with the opportunity of using language in real life situations.
Thank you again for your enthusiasm and creativity!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Summer is just around the corner!

Here we have a fun song about Summertime. It´s great for young learners.
Summer is just around the corner! Enjoy!

Camille Risch.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hello blog readers,
Here we have a presentation about birthdays by Camille Risch. It is geared towards our younger English learners, but can be used for all ages.
Have a look at it and enjoy!
Camille Risch.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Titanic Fashion Parade

Another example of collaboration between the English Lesson and the Bilingual Section in Art with Grade 3 B students is the Titanic Fashion Parade. This task is also related to our school Library Project "Suban a bordo, lean e naveguen".
Soon will we upload a video or pictures so that you can see the students´ work. They´ve been learning in English about the clothing fashion during the period of Titanic. Therefore, they designed their own clothing based on the styles they learnt about and they described them.
Stay tuned since there will be more to come!
Here is a picture of the parade:

Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Camille Risch.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Taking into consideration our Autumn Linguistic Inmersion Program 2011, we have recently been working on a special task with Grade 5 and 6 we´d like to share it with you.
The task was the writing, illustrating and creation of the story `Gaspar settles down in Ría de Vigo´. It was an interdisciplinary and cross curricular activity with the text written by Grade 5 and 6 in the English lesson with Camille Risch and Ana Isabel Ferreirós and the illustrations drawn by Grade 3B in the Bilingual Art lesson with Camille Risch and Marta Diéguez (after reading and understanding the text in the English lesson).
As well as the text and illustrations, we produced a montage, so that the story could truly come to life. Due to the contribution of so many students, the story is creative and diverse and the illustrations are imaginative and distinct.
The aim was to create a story that could be enjoyed by all. And so, in relation to the EDLG (Equipo de Dinamización Lingüística), the story was translated to Galician in order to have storytelling in Galician to Preschool students by Grade 3 A students in collaboration with their teacher Carmen González. Also it provided our Preschool teachers a story that they could use it in their lessons.
It is a great opportunity to learn about the living creatures, the geography items and main places of the Ría de Vigo in English. Therefore, it is related to the Natural and Social Science as well as Art and the three Languages.
As far as the Bilingual Section is concerned, the illustrations were created in the Art lesson by Grade 3 B students. These students have been selected to tell the story to Primary students.
With reference to the Library Project “Suban a bordo, lean e naveguen”, it has much in common since it narrates a fantastic story, which takes place in our Ría de Vigo. In this story is narrated how the Library mascot, Gaspar the Dolphin, comes to our Library for the first time. Preschool students have constantly been wondering how Gaspar gets to CEIP RÍA DE VIGO LIBRARY. Consequently, we wanted to create a story to show them how this happens and, at the same time, to motivate them.
To conclude with, it also deals with Information Technology (IT) as we do a multimedia montage to share it with you and to introduce it to our students.
I´d like to thank Camille Risch, Marta Diéguez and Carmen González for their collaboration.
Now we have the first video recorded with Grade 3 B students. Stay tuned, since there will be more to come!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

In the next video, you can listen to Camille Risch telling the story. Listen carefully, pay attention to the pronunciation and enjoy the story!

To listen to the story narrated in Galician by Grade 3 A students, you can visit our Library blog in the following link:

Monday, 21 May 2012

Learning about Primary Subjects in English!

Thanks to Isabel Gabián, a mother of two students, we have discovered an excellent web page for learning English. With this web page you can learn about a broad range of topics related to Primary subjects, including: History, Geography, Art, Science, Maths and so on.
We´ll introduce the web page to our students and will be working on it from now on. At the same time it will be a great resouce to keep on practising at home either during freetime or on holidays.
Be sure to check out the fact of the day and catch up with Olympic London news as well as other cultural events!
Have a great Monday!

Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Camille Risch.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Learning more about CLIL.

Participating on the Study Visit `CLIL in an inquiry based classroom experience´ in Warsaw, Poland was a great opportunity to improve our knowledge about CLIL, as well as establishing the links for future network cooperation among the countries involved.
In this power point presentation, I would like to share with you some of the conclussions we reached in our group report.
Have a look at it and let us know if you have any doubts.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Video Skype Date with Elmwodd Middle School students in Arkansas USA.

Like you already know, our 6th year has been in correspondence with students from Elmwodd Middle School in Arkansas with our “Pen Pal Program.” This past Wednesday we were able to have a video Skype date so that both groups of students could finally meet each other! Because of the time difference from Arkansas to Spain (7 hours) we had to wait until 16:00 to make the video call. We want to thank those students and their parents for coming back to school to make this possible.
The children were very excited to meet their penpals and to practice their English. We have to say, we are very proud of them! They did wonderfully. They were able to ask questions in English and respond to questions in English as well! Not only was this a fun activity, it was also a great way to practice a second language in a real-life situation. The children gained a sense of understanding that learning a second language is necessary to speak with other people from other countries.
We hope to continue the Pen Pal program next year and hopefully have more skype dates!
We will keep you updated on more English news at Ría de Vigo!

Camille Risch.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.