Tuesday, 15 December 2015

PIALE PROGRAM 2015. Job Shadow at St. Lawrence Academy Senior of Montreal. Video of a Host Student Introducing School Classrooms.

During my stay at the St. Lawrence Academy Senior of Montreal, I had the opportunity of recording a host student introducing the school classrooms to share it with my students as well as with the school teachers. I´d like to share this video with you and thank  the student for her excellent presentaton.
Enjoy the video!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

PIALE Program 2015.Job Shadow at the Canadian School St. Lawrence Academy Senior of Montreal.

This School year I have participated on a Job Shadow at the Canadian School St. Lawrence Academy Senior of Montreal. This Job Shadow forms part of the PIALE Program - PIALE de integración nun centro canadense- organized by Xunta de Galicia and Ministerio de Educación. It consists of being integrated and inmersed in the school, by sharing teaching experiences with the teachers, as well as Learning new teaching methodologies.
Another aspect of my placement has been building relationships across cultures and developing cultural misunderstanding.
Since my return, I have been working on developing curriculum that utilizes Canadian Educational methodologies, as well as in organizing these new methodologies into a diffussion Project.
In upcoming weeks, I'll post a presentation and a video based on these teaching methods  and experience in Canada.
Don't miss it...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Portfolio Activity: Creating the Comics of Shakespeare Midsummer Night´s Dream Adaptation.

After representing the performance of the adaptation we made of Shakespeare´s play Midsummer Night´s Dream, Grade 6 students continued working on Shakespeare by creating  the comics of the play to show it to younger students.
In the next presentation you can learn about the process as well as the results,

I´d like to thank ALL Grade 6 students for their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication...!!!!!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Interviewing Keith Le Matti...!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday some students interviewed Keith Le Matti,our Assistant teacher, since it was his last day at our school. Next, you can not only read the interview, but also watch some pictures of the students working and playing with Keith.
I´d like to Thank keith Le Matti for all his collaboration...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope he´ll occasionally visit us again. Grade 5 students can´t wait to play football with him and Grade 4 would love to play Gaelic football as well...!!!!!!!!!!!
We wish Keith all the best in his new job...!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Keith playing the Ría Trivial with Grade 5 students:

Keith and Ana with Grade 6 students at the school playground:

Keith with Pree- School 4 year old students:

Keith Assisting with Grade 6 students:

Keith playing football with Grade 5 and 6 at the school playground... Note, he´s wearing the school  T - Shirt "EU SON DO RÍA"...!!!!!!!!!!

Interviewing Keith Le Matti.
Alex del Río: How was your time at the school?
Keith: It was excellent! I love the students and the teachers made me feel very welcome.
David: Do you like this school? Why?
Keith: Yes, of course. The students in Kindergarten are cute and funny. And the older students are very dedicated to their work, and always give 100 % in all of their activities. So, it was easy to get on with them.
Alex del Río: What do you like about the school?
Keith: I like that all the students are different in many ways. They have different hobbies, likes, etc.
Artai: Was it a good or a bad experience in Ría?
Keith: It was excellent. I learnt a lot about teaching, as it was my first year doing so.
Ainhoa: Which was your best experience at the school?
Keith: My best experience at the school was actually when we visited another school. We went on a trip to CEIP ALFONSO CASTELAO. We looked after 4 years old students and it was fun.
Ainhoa: Which was your best experience in Vigo?
Keith: My best experience in Vigo was the Reconquista Festival. I enjoyed the food and we played a Gaelic football match.
Artai: Do you like to play football with Grade 5 and 6?
Keith: Yes. If I could come to play, I would too! Grade 5 are better though, of course.
Marta 5º: When will you come back to the school?
Keith: As soon as possible. I am going to miss playing football here…!!!
Marta 5º: Did you like your stay in Vigo?
Keith: Yes, I loved my housemates, friends and schools.
Marta 5º: What do you like about Vigo city?
Keith: The Castro. I run there every day and sometimes visit it with friends.
Alex del Río: Do you like our country?
Keith: Yes, I love everything about Spain, especially the food and the weather.
Alex del Río/ David: What´s your favorite place in Spain?
Keith: My favorite place in Spain are the Thermal Baths in Ourense.
David: What´s your favorite beach in Vigo?
Keith: My favorite beach is O Vao.
Marta 5º: What´s your favorite animal?
Keith: My favorite animal is the dolphin.
David: What´s your favorite pet?
Keith: I don´t have any at the moment. My favorite pet was Buster, my cat. He ran away 7 years ago.
Marta 5º: What´s your favorite sport?
Keith: My favorite sport is running.
Dani: What´s your favorite sports person?
Keith: My favorite sports person is Hussein Bolt.
Dani: What´s your favorite drink?
Keith: My favorite drink is water.
Dani: What´s your favorite food?
Keith: Scramble eggs with spinach.
Grade 6 student: What school did you go when you were a child?
Keith: I went to St. Cranans Bray.
Marta 5º: What book are you reading now?
Keith: I´m reading The Sea by Andulrazak Gurnah. He is an indian writer. I read the novel in University and I am reading it again at the moment.
Artai: Do you like the sea?
Keith: Yes, I learnt to swim by myself when I was young and I think everyone should swim as much as possible, because it´s a great type of exercise.
Ana: Thank you Keith for your Assistance. I wish you all the best in your new job and of course you can visit us at any time. Grade 4 students, who will be Grade 5 next school year, will love to learn to play Gaelic football with you as well…!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sharing Experience on our Way to the Ría. Presentations.

In relation to the project "Sharing Experience Across the Ría", we include in this presentation the conclussions the students achieved after researching about the school area and how it has changed in the recent years. Besides, they shared them with the other school across the Ría also  involved in the project. This project was also coordinated with the students´tutor Juan Carlos Vázquez Vázquez. I´d like to thank him for his collaboration...!!! What a better way to be motivated to communicate their conclussions than by providing real communication situations...!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don´t miss the next posts, since there´s still more to come...!!!!!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Sharing Experience on our Way by the Ría. The Ría Trivial...!!!!!!!!!

Moving forward into the project "Sharing Experience Across the Ría", we made this trivial game called "The Ría Trivial" with Grade 5 and Grade 6 students to review the vocabulary, structures and content we have been working on in the project.
It can also be seen on this link:

Stay tune, since ther will be more to come...!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Keith Le Matti.

Rules of the game:
Every location has 12 questions. You must answer a question for each location in order to control the board. When you answer a question correctly, you receive one token to place on the location. If you control more than one token in a location, you can trade it to another play to place in that location for a token on a location that they currently have a token on.
To answer a question about a location, you must role a dice and receive the number for that location.
If you role a 1 on your dice, you are in CEIP Ría De Vigo primary school.
If you role a 2 on your dice, you are in Toralla Island.
If you role a 3 on your dice, you are travelling to the Cies Islands. This is the pirate ship on the board.
If you role a 4 on your dice, you are in Oya (and questions will include Canido, Vao, Mirambel village, and Coruxo).
If you role a 5 on your dice, you are on the Irish and Galcian flags.
If you role a 6 on your dice, you are on the dolphins in the Ría.

                                          Ría De Vigo (all questions were voted by a panel of students)
1. Who played Puck in Grade 6’s performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream?
a. Artai
b. Fiz
2. Who is the fastest runner in Grade 6?
David is the fastest runner in Grade 6.
3. Who were the main female characters of Shakeapeare performance midsummer Night dream by Grade 6 students?
Lara and María L. study the  most in Grade 6.
4. Who are the best rugby players in Grade 6?
Artai and Fiz are the best rugby players in Grade 6.
5. Who is the best football player in Grade 6?
Samuel is the best football player in Grade 6.
6. Who is the cutest student in kindergarden?
Enzo was voted the cutest student of kindergarden by Grade 6.
7. Who is the music teacher in CEIP Ría de Vigo?
Juanca is the music teacher in Ría de Vigo.
8. Who were the narrators in the performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream?
Ines, Andrea, and Lucia were the narrators in the performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
9. On what floor is the common room?
The common room is on the ground floor.
10. Where is the gymnasium?
The gymnasium is beside the playground and behind the kitchen.
11. Who is the current principle of Ría de Vigo (2014-15)?
Angeles is the current principle of Ría de Vigo.
12. Are there more girls or boys in Grade 6?
There are more girls in Grade 6 than boys.

1. What direction does Toralla beach face?
a. North
b. South
c. East
d. West
2. What divides Toralla Beach into two beaches?
A Bridge divides Toralla in two parts.
3. How can you visit Toralla?
You can cross the bridge; take a boat; or swim there.
4. Can you go to Toralla in your car if you are not a resident?
No, you can’t, but you can walk.
5. What is there in Toralla?
There is/are: a park; a block of flats; two beaches; lots of trees.
6. What is Toralla?
It’s an island connected to the land by a bridge.
7. How long is Toralla?
Toralla is 400 metres long.
8. When did urbanization start?
It started in the 60s.
9. What is different about the island now, compared to 50 years ago?
There were no urban areas, and no flats.
10. Is Toralla a public island?
No it isn’t. It’s a private island.
11. How many inhabitants live on Toralla island?
Approximately 135 people live on Toralla island.
12. How high is the tower of flats in the Toralla?
It’s 70 metres high.
                                                                       The Cies Islands
1. True or false: The Cies Islands are an Archipelago?
True, the Cies Islands are an archipelago.
2. What are the names of the three islands that make up the Cies Islands?
Monteagudo, do Faro, and San Martino are the names of the three islands that make up Cies.
3. Which of the three islands of Cies is separated from the other two?
Monteagudo is separated from the other two islands.
4. The land of Cies is:
a. mountaineous, highland
b. flat, lowland
5. How high are the cliffs of Cies on Do Faro?
Approximately 100m.
6. What modes of transport can you use to visit Cies?
You can take a boat to Cies.
7. True or false: Cies Islands contain a nature reserve?
True. The Cies Islands are a recognized nature reserve.
8. In what year did the Cies islands receive recognization of their nature reserve?
In 2002, the Cies Islands received their recognization of the official status of a nature reserve.
9. In what time of the year can you visit Cies?
You can visit Cies only in the end of spring and in the summer months.
10. What two “F”s is Cies famous for?
Flora and Fauna.
 11. True or false: There are no wastebins on the island?
True, there are no wastebins on the island.
12. True or false: The world’s largest colony of pigeons live in Cies?
False. It has the world’s largest colony of seagulls.
                                                                              Canido and  Oia
1. What is Mirambel?
a. A town council
b. A Roman Village
2. Why is does the Roman Village in Vao have the name Mirambel?
The village was named after the family who discovered the remains of the Roman Village.
3. Why is this Roman village unique in Galcia?
It’s unique because it’s the only fully excavated site that can be seen to this day.
4. How long is Bao beach?
a. 500 metres long
b. 550 metres long
c. 600 metres long
d. 650 metres long
5. What is the beach famous for?
The beach is famous for its sand dunes.
6. Why was the football pitch of Bao retired?
The football pitch was retired to recover some of the dune systems.
7. What is the name of the football team in Coruxo?
The name of the football team is Coruxo F.C.
8. True or false: in 1844, there is evidence of a strong fabric system in Canido?
9. True or false: The Bao beach has got black sand?
False, this beach has got an incredible white sand.
10. The Bao beach has a blue flag, true or false?
Truel, the Bao beach has a blue flag.
11. With what beach is the Bao beach connected?
The Vao beach is connected to Samil beach.
12. What types of trees are there in Bao?
There are pine-tree plantations in Bao.
1. True or false: Ireland passed the world’s first ever marriage referendum on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2015?
True, Ireland passed the world’s first ever marriage referendum on that day.
2. Who sang the song Molly Malone?
The Dubliners sang the song Molly Malone.
3. What is the name of Ireland’s most famous musical group that are currently still making music?
a. U1
b. U3
c. U2
4. What is the name of the causeway in Northern Ireland?
The Giant’s Causeway.
5. How many universities are there in Dublin which include in their name the word college?
There are four universities in Dublin with the word university in their name. All others are institutes.
6. How many counties are in Ireland?
There are 32 counties in Ireland.
7. How many counties are the in the Republic of Ireland?
There 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland.
8. What currency is used in Ireland?
The Irish use the euro.
9. In what year was the Easter Rising?
a. 1916
b. 1920
c. 1924
d. 1926
10. Have Ireland ever one the Fifa World Cup?
No, they haven’t.
11. Is there a king in Ireland, Yes or No?
No, there is no king, but there is a president.
12. How many female presidents have Ireland had?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
                                                                                            The Ría: Geographical round
1. What is the name for a young stage of a river?
a. Youth
b. Maturity
c. Old Age
d. Ox Bow Lake
2. What type of landform is similar to the Ría?
a. A Lake
b. An estuary
c. A delta
3. Water in rivers is solid, true or false?
False, it is liquid.
4. What does the river do in the youthful stage?
a. deposits its load because it is slow
b. erodes the landscape because it’s fast
5. Does Mars have river systems?
Yes, Mars has empty river channels.
6. What is the world’s longest river system?
The Amazon is the world’s longest river system.
7. What is the world’s 2nd longest river system?
The Nile.
8. Glaciers are made from solid ice, true or false?
9. Rain is caused by heat and evaporation, true or false?
10. What are lakes?
a. standing bodies of water
b. fast rivers
11. What is the name of the river that flows from Portugal and Galicia?
The River Miño
12. The North Atlantic Ocean is between which two continents?
The North Atlantic Ocean is between the American and European Continents.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sharing Experience on our Way to the Ría. Vigo by Grade 6 students.

Within the project "Sharing Experience Across the Ría", Grade 6 students made this presentation to share with the students from Cangas participating on our Way along the Ría.
Soon will we post more information about the project.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Best Outtakes of the Midsummer Night´s Dream Adaptation Rehearsals.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next come the Best Outtakes of Midsummer Night´s Dream Adaptation Rehearsals...!!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned, since the video of the play will come out soon...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Learning how the school area has changed. Sharing Experience Across the Ría.

Whereas Grade 6 were so engaged with the Shakespeare´s play Midsummer Night´s Dream Adaptation, Grade 5 were working on another project related to the school area and how it has changed in the recent years. They explain their conclussion to the Grade 6 of both schools. On our Way we crossed Fuchiños beach, Canido´s port, the Vao and Mirambel, the Roman Village. They also learnt about the former Canning Industry in Canido.
It was a great opportunity for students of both schools and both Grades to get to know better, as well as to strenghthen our relationship.
I´d like to congratulate Grade 5 students for their hard work and dedication....!!!!!!
The students enjoyed it a lot and we were so lucky that even it didn´t rain despite the dark clouds.
Here are some pictures of the activity. Hope you like them.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Midsummer Night´s Dream Adaptation. Sharing Experience Across the Ría...

Today our Grade 6 students represented the adaptation we made of Shakespeare´s play Midsummer Night´s Dream for Primary students of both CEIP PLURILINGÜE RÍA DE VIGO and CEIP PLURILINGÜE SAN ROQUE DE DARBO in Cangas.
I´d like to congratulate them for their great performance as well as hard work. Just remember that they wrote the dialogues of the adaptation I made of the play...
I will post the video of the play and another one we made with the best outtakes. In the meantime, you can watch some pictures of the show.
Stay tune, since there will be more to come.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.