Friday, 8 May 2015

Learning how the school area has changed. Sharing Experience Across the Ría.

Whereas Grade 6 were so engaged with the Shakespeare´s play Midsummer Night´s Dream Adaptation, Grade 5 were working on another project related to the school area and how it has changed in the recent years. They explain their conclussion to the Grade 6 of both schools. On our Way we crossed Fuchiños beach, Canido´s port, the Vao and Mirambel, the Roman Village. They also learnt about the former Canning Industry in Canido.
It was a great opportunity for students of both schools and both Grades to get to know better, as well as to strenghthen our relationship.
I´d like to congratulate Grade 5 students for their hard work and dedication....!!!!!!
The students enjoyed it a lot and we were so lucky that even it didn´t rain despite the dark clouds.
Here are some pictures of the activity. Hope you like them.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

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