Sunday, 31 May 2015

Interviewing Keith Le Matti...!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday some students interviewed Keith Le Matti,our Assistant teacher, since it was his last day at our school. Next, you can not only read the interview, but also watch some pictures of the students working and playing with Keith.
I´d like to Thank keith Le Matti for all his collaboration...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope he´ll occasionally visit us again. Grade 5 students can´t wait to play football with him and Grade 4 would love to play Gaelic football as well...!!!!!!!!!!!
We wish Keith all the best in his new job...!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Keith playing the Ría Trivial with Grade 5 students:

Keith and Ana with Grade 6 students at the school playground:

Keith with Pree- School 4 year old students:

Keith Assisting with Grade 6 students:

Keith playing football with Grade 5 and 6 at the school playground... Note, he´s wearing the school  T - Shirt "EU SON DO RÍA"...!!!!!!!!!!

Interviewing Keith Le Matti.
Alex del Río: How was your time at the school?
Keith: It was excellent! I love the students and the teachers made me feel very welcome.
David: Do you like this school? Why?
Keith: Yes, of course. The students in Kindergarten are cute and funny. And the older students are very dedicated to their work, and always give 100 % in all of their activities. So, it was easy to get on with them.
Alex del Río: What do you like about the school?
Keith: I like that all the students are different in many ways. They have different hobbies, likes, etc.
Artai: Was it a good or a bad experience in Ría?
Keith: It was excellent. I learnt a lot about teaching, as it was my first year doing so.
Ainhoa: Which was your best experience at the school?
Keith: My best experience at the school was actually when we visited another school. We went on a trip to CEIP ALFONSO CASTELAO. We looked after 4 years old students and it was fun.
Ainhoa: Which was your best experience in Vigo?
Keith: My best experience in Vigo was the Reconquista Festival. I enjoyed the food and we played a Gaelic football match.
Artai: Do you like to play football with Grade 5 and 6?
Keith: Yes. If I could come to play, I would too! Grade 5 are better though, of course.
Marta 5º: When will you come back to the school?
Keith: As soon as possible. I am going to miss playing football here…!!!
Marta 5º: Did you like your stay in Vigo?
Keith: Yes, I loved my housemates, friends and schools.
Marta 5º: What do you like about Vigo city?
Keith: The Castro. I run there every day and sometimes visit it with friends.
Alex del Río: Do you like our country?
Keith: Yes, I love everything about Spain, especially the food and the weather.
Alex del Río/ David: What´s your favorite place in Spain?
Keith: My favorite place in Spain are the Thermal Baths in Ourense.
David: What´s your favorite beach in Vigo?
Keith: My favorite beach is O Vao.
Marta 5º: What´s your favorite animal?
Keith: My favorite animal is the dolphin.
David: What´s your favorite pet?
Keith: I don´t have any at the moment. My favorite pet was Buster, my cat. He ran away 7 years ago.
Marta 5º: What´s your favorite sport?
Keith: My favorite sport is running.
Dani: What´s your favorite sports person?
Keith: My favorite sports person is Hussein Bolt.
Dani: What´s your favorite drink?
Keith: My favorite drink is water.
Dani: What´s your favorite food?
Keith: Scramble eggs with spinach.
Grade 6 student: What school did you go when you were a child?
Keith: I went to St. Cranans Bray.
Marta 5º: What book are you reading now?
Keith: I´m reading The Sea by Andulrazak Gurnah. He is an indian writer. I read the novel in University and I am reading it again at the moment.
Artai: Do you like the sea?
Keith: Yes, I learnt to swim by myself when I was young and I think everyone should swim as much as possible, because it´s a great type of exercise.
Ana: Thank you Keith for your Assistance. I wish you all the best in your new job and of course you can visit us at any time. Grade 4 students, who will be Grade 5 next school year, will love to learn to play Gaelic football with you as well…!!!!!!!!!!!!

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