Sunday, 27 November 2011

Grade 6 Autumn English Inmersion Programm in Guadalajara. November 2011.

Grade 6 students have taken part in an English Inmersion Programm, organized by the Ministery in Guadalajara. The structure of the Programm was organized by Redleaf, a Canadian organization; meaning all the activities were in English. Moreover, there were Canadian Workshops; so that the students could learn about the Canadian culture.
The students, who were inmersed in the English language, have learnt about the Natural and Social World through their research in the environment in and outside the classroom.
They have, therefore, improved their Communicative Competence in a Natural way.
We´d like to THANK TO THE MINISTERY AND XUNTA for offering such an excellent opportunity for the students to improve their English, REDLEAF and all the organizers and Headmasters for making it possible and, obviously, to the students for their great work and good behaviour!
Here is a video, which summmarizes their participation on the Programm.
Have a look at it and see you soon.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Camille has made a presentation about Thanksgiving Day in the States. Have a look at it and if you want to learn more, you can visit this page and watch a video about the Thanksgiving Parade in New York City:
Enjoy it and see you soon.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Monday, 24 October 2011

New Projects to improve the learning of English.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to the new school year 2011/2012. We´ve been very busy recently planning the course and we have lots of projects for this year.
First of all, we have taken part of the Study Visit: "CLIL in an inquiry-based classroom experience", within an European Project of the Lifelong learning Progamm, at the Canadian School of Warsaw, in Warsaw Poland, from the 3rd till the 7th. of October 2011.There were participants from all over Europe. It has been very beneficial for us, since we have learnt about other CLIL approaches at the Canadian School of Warsaw, as well as in other European countries. Moreover, we have established networks for future projects together as it could be a Comenius among different countries.We´ll upload a presentation very soon informing you about everything.
Secondly, we have been selected by the Ministery and Xunta to participate in an Autumn English Inmersion Progamm with Grade 6 this November. Though the inmersion lasts only one week, we have planned a school year project, which is related to the Library Project in some aspects and which follows a CLIL approach; that is, integrating contents of other subjects into the English language. That way we make English a fun interactive experience for the students!
Thirdly, we also like to share with you our CLIL project for the Art Bilingual Section with Grade 3 B. The three teachers who take part in this project (Camille as the Assisstant Teacher, Marta as the content teacher and myself, Ana, as the English teacher and Coordinator of the Bilingual Section)collaborate and exchange ideas among ourselves to improve not only the student´s knowledge of the subject, but also the communicative competence in the English language. We meet each week to plan future Art projects and evaluate the past ones.
Finally, we intend to prepare two Shakespeare plays: The Tempest and Twelfth Night for the June School Festival with Grade 6 students; as well as collaborating with the music lesson and physical education with the school musical about The Lion King.
And there will be more...Just follow us and we´ll let you know!
See you soon.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thank you!

I thank you all for your excellent work and for trying so hard.
Have a very good Summer holiday and see you soon.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

It´s Show Time....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I´d like to thank Year 6 for their great show!
They took part on the Shakespeare play "Much Ado About Nothing", which has been adapted for them in mordern English, so that they could participate in "Interteatro" on an English play.
First, they represented it at CEIP O POMBAL last June 8, 2011. Then, on June 2 they acted for Year 3, 4 and 5 of Primary Education, as well as for their parents.
Despite the play was quite difficult, they worked very hard, learnt it by heart and represented it successfully.
You did it very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some pictures. Enjoy them!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós.


Interviewing Camille Risch.

As an activity of the English lesson, year 5 students interviewed Camille Risch, our American Assistant Teacher, for the school magazine. Since it is a Galician magazine, we have published a bilingual version on it.Read it carefully and enjoy it.
-Óscar: Camille, can you tell us a little about yourself?
-Camille: My name is Camille. I´m from Oklahoma. I have two brothers and two sisters. I studied Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Arkansas. I´m now enjoying teaching English.
-Tamara: What´s the name of your best friend?
-Camille: My best friens are Ricky, Ginger, Carleigh, Kelsey and Olivia. I have 5!
-Nour: How old were you when you started your degree?
-Camille: I was eighteen.
-Borja: Is this your first time in Spain?
-Camille: No, I studied abroad in Granada in 2008, but this is my first time in Galicia.
-Alejandro: What made you excited about coming to Spain?
-Camille: I love learning about different cultures and languages. Besides, living abroad is such a great adventure! I was excited to come to learn about Spanish culture and language.
-Martín: When did you begin studying Spanish?
-Camille: I began studying Spanish when I was 21.
-Gabriel: What do you like best about Spain?
-Camille: I like the diversity that exists in such a small country. From Flamenco in Andalucia to Paella in Valencia to the Celtic music here in Galicia.
-Ares: What were your first impressions when you arrived in Galicia?
-Camille: I arrived in September and fell immediately in love with the beautiful Rías; but my first impressions of Galician people was when I came to school and was welcomed so warmly!
-Tania: Have you travelled around Galicia and what do you think of it?
-Camille: Yes, I have. Everyone has been so excited to show me Galicia and teach me about the Galician culture and language. I´ve been to Lugo for the San Froilán; Pontevedra, where I tried lamprea; Baiona for the Arribada; Allariz to try the almendrados-which I love-, and A Coruña for a field trip to the museums with the students.
-Sara: Would you like to live in Galicia in the future?
-Camille: I really like Galicia, but Oklahoma is my home. I want to live closer to my family.
-Eva: Which landscape do you prefer, the Galician one or the Oklahoma one?
-Camille: Definately the Galician landscape. The views are spectacular from our school!
-Jorge: Have you ever been to Portugal?
-Camille: Yes, I have. I have been to Porto many times and I love it. I especially like the architecture and the individuality of every old building.
-Iset: What have you done in your spare time?
-Camille: Well, I ran the VIG- BAY MARATHON in April; but now I´m sick of running!!! Haha… I went camping on the Cies and I love that. I try to go to the beach as much as I can, because the weather is nice! I also love to read. It´s one of my favourite past times.
-Sabela: Now let´s move onto what you have done here and what you do at CEIP RÍA DE VIGO?
-Camille: Well, I am the American Language Assisstant for this school year. I assist Ana and Belén with their English classes. I think the advantage of being in a smaller school is that I get to see the students several times a week and we can coordinate very well with programs and activities.
-Pablo: How did you decide to become an Assisstant Teacher?
-Camille: I graduated from University, but I didn´t want to get a full time job like all my friends. This seemed like a great opportunity to teach about my language and culture and get to live in Spain.
-Tomás: How did you come to our Ría de Vigo school?
-Camille: Honestly, when I applied for the programm I have no idea to where to go. It was a complete surprise.
-Andrés: How did you feel when you got the post?
-Camille: When I saw I was placed in Galicia, at first I was very nervous. I thought everyone would speak Galician and I wouldn´t understand anything. However, what I found is that it was a silly concern. I am lucky to be in a region rich with culture and two languages. Also, I love Galicia and CEIP RÍA DE VIGO. There is no other school or region I´d rather be in.
-Iria: How do you like being in a Primary school?
-Camille: It´s fantastic. There are many projects and activities to keep the learning of English fun and interactive- as it should be!!!
-Marcos: What´s your favourite thing about being an Assisstant Teacher?
-Camille: My favorite thing is that I can teach about my culture from American holidays to what we eat for dessert. Mm… cupcakes and apple pie!
-Ada: What do you think of the English practice here?
-Camille: It´s fantastic. There are many projects and activities to keep the learning of English fun- as it should be!
-André: What do you think of the English level of the school?
-Camille: Very good. The children should be very proud of themselves, as should be the teachers. I didn´t start learning a second language until a few years ago. I would like that the children continue learning English with such motivation and enthusiasm.
-Marta: Do you want to continue teaching English?
-Camille: I´m not sure yet. There are many different paths I could take, but I definitely will remember my time here!
-Juan: Are you excited about next school year?
-Camille: I´m very excited about staying another year. We have many fun activities planned, but more than that, I hope the children take advantage of having me in the school. I like when a student stops me in the hall and asks “Como se dice…” I hope for many more hallway questions!!!
-Ana: Camille, we´d like to thank you for your collaboration and for your great work this year. We all wish you a fantastic Summer holiday and we are all looking forward to see you next school year. See you soon.

Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.


This term, our 3rd. and 4th. year students were on a visit to "O Castro", within the programm "Vigo Activities". The entire programm was in English and they learnt about the remains on the hill. During the weeks before, we prepared activities to learn about the subject, so that they could use the vocabulary and the structures properly. We were very impressed by how well they understood everything and how they were able to respond to the their questions and to produce proper answers.
Congratulations 3rd.and 4th. year for your effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Activities about The Lion King.

This school year we have taken part into a Musical Group Work about the Lion King. One of the activities we propose is this Lim Book about the film and the songs. We´d like to share it with you. Have a look at it and see you soon!
The pictures have been taken from the internet web page:

Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Between April 27th. and April 30th. more than 300 tornadoes occured in the Southern part of the United States. The tornadoes destroyed many towns. Moreover, more than 300 people died and more than 800 were injured.
Due to these recent devastating events, we decided to learn about Tornadoes, their causes and how to be prepared.This presentation is informative and includes some fun facts. Take a look and learn with us!!!

Camille Rish.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Camille´s parents visited CEIP RÍA DE VIGO this month.

We were so lucky to have Camille´s parents visit at our school this month. It was a great opportunity to exchange languages and cultures in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We thank them for their visit.
Here is a presentation Camille made about their trip and some photos of the school visit taken by us. In these photos, we can see some students interviewing Camillle´s parents. Everyone enjoyed it!
Have a look!

Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.