Monday, 24 October 2011

New Projects to improve the learning of English.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to the new school year 2011/2012. We´ve been very busy recently planning the course and we have lots of projects for this year.
First of all, we have taken part of the Study Visit: "CLIL in an inquiry-based classroom experience", within an European Project of the Lifelong learning Progamm, at the Canadian School of Warsaw, in Warsaw Poland, from the 3rd till the 7th. of October 2011.There were participants from all over Europe. It has been very beneficial for us, since we have learnt about other CLIL approaches at the Canadian School of Warsaw, as well as in other European countries. Moreover, we have established networks for future projects together as it could be a Comenius among different countries.We´ll upload a presentation very soon informing you about everything.
Secondly, we have been selected by the Ministery and Xunta to participate in an Autumn English Inmersion Progamm with Grade 6 this November. Though the inmersion lasts only one week, we have planned a school year project, which is related to the Library Project in some aspects and which follows a CLIL approach; that is, integrating contents of other subjects into the English language. That way we make English a fun interactive experience for the students!
Thirdly, we also like to share with you our CLIL project for the Art Bilingual Section with Grade 3 B. The three teachers who take part in this project (Camille as the Assisstant Teacher, Marta as the content teacher and myself, Ana, as the English teacher and Coordinator of the Bilingual Section)collaborate and exchange ideas among ourselves to improve not only the student´s knowledge of the subject, but also the communicative competence in the English language. We meet each week to plan future Art projects and evaluate the past ones.
Finally, we intend to prepare two Shakespeare plays: The Tempest and Twelfth Night for the June School Festival with Grade 6 students; as well as collaborating with the music lesson and physical education with the school musical about The Lion King.
And there will be more...Just follow us and we´ll let you know!
See you soon.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

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