Sunday, 27 November 2011

Grade 6 Autumn English Inmersion Programm in Guadalajara. November 2011.

Grade 6 students have taken part in an English Inmersion Programm, organized by the Ministery in Guadalajara. The structure of the Programm was organized by Redleaf, a Canadian organization; meaning all the activities were in English. Moreover, there were Canadian Workshops; so that the students could learn about the Canadian culture.
The students, who were inmersed in the English language, have learnt about the Natural and Social World through their research in the environment in and outside the classroom.
They have, therefore, improved their Communicative Competence in a Natural way.
We´d like to THANK TO THE MINISTERY AND XUNTA for offering such an excellent opportunity for the students to improve their English, REDLEAF and all the organizers and Headmasters for making it possible and, obviously, to the students for their great work and good behaviour!
Here is a video, which summmarizes their participation on the Programm.
Have a look at it and see you soon.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

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  1. Great presentation, Ana. Congratulations! I'm sure our students will remeber this activity with a big smile. Thank you. Ana (CEIP Monte Corona teacher).