Monday, 7 May 2012

Video Skype Date with Elmwodd Middle School students in Arkansas USA.

Like you already know, our 6th year has been in correspondence with students from Elmwodd Middle School in Arkansas with our “Pen Pal Program.” This past Wednesday we were able to have a video Skype date so that both groups of students could finally meet each other! Because of the time difference from Arkansas to Spain (7 hours) we had to wait until 16:00 to make the video call. We want to thank those students and their parents for coming back to school to make this possible.
The children were very excited to meet their penpals and to practice their English. We have to say, we are very proud of them! They did wonderfully. They were able to ask questions in English and respond to questions in English as well! Not only was this a fun activity, it was also a great way to practice a second language in a real-life situation. The children gained a sense of understanding that learning a second language is necessary to speak with other people from other countries.
We hope to continue the Pen Pal program next year and hopefully have more skype dates!
We will keep you updated on more English news at Ría de Vigo!

Camille Risch.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

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