Friday, 15 February 2013

Canadian Projects.

As I have previously mentioned, we have already began both Music and Language Projects with the Dalhousie School of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. I´d like to mention some of them:
As to the Music Project is concerned, whereas the music teacher of our school is recording the tunes of some Galician songs, the Dalhousie music teacher is, at the same time, recording the tunes of some Canadian songs. Soon will we switch the tunes, so that the Canadian students would record the lyrics of the Galician songs in Spanish and the Galician students would record the lyrics of the Canadian songs in English. The main aims are both to exchange cultural aspects and  to improve Communicative Competence both in English and in Spanish Language.
In relation to Flat Stanley Project, all the students are sharing pictures with Flat Stanley and we have the collaboration of their families, which I thank them a lot. I´m collecting all the pictures and all the texts, where the students explain why they´d like to share their pictures with the Canadian students. The final task consists on a power point presentation for each Grade with the pictures and the texts. Soon will be uploaded on the blog. Besides, we can´t wait to see the task the Canadian students are doing.
Moreover, we are doing some more tasks we´ll let you know about them very soon, such as exchanging school descriptions and cultural aspects about Galicia and Alberta in Canada.
Stay tuned!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

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