Thursday, 21 March 2013

Poetry Day: Reciting T. S. Eliot Old Possum´s Book of Practical Cats.

On 21st. March 2013, in honor of Poetry Day, each class prepared a presentation that is related to this year Library Project, which follows Tin Tin and his journeys around the world. Each classroom has chosen to study and represent a different country throughout the year.
In English class, focusing on the United Kingdom, the first and the third grade have been practising T. S. Eliot poem, "Jellicle Cats" of the book "Old Possum´s Book of Practical Cats". This task is related to the Plurilingual Project of the school.
Today, they recited the poem twice in front of both the younger and older students and did a wonderful job!!! The first grade wore cat masks that they made in art class and the 3rd. grade hung their murals that they´ve painted to match.
It was a great success!!!!!!!
The entire school enjoyed the celebration!
Thank you for your hard work, enthusiasm and dedication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a happy spring!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Marta Diéguez Lorenzo.
Brenna Eileen Eaton.

Stay tuned, since there will be more pictures and videos to come!

We uploaded several videos from different perspectives; so that you can see all the students reciting the poem. Despite the space, we decided to recite the poems in the Library; both to relate it to the Library Project and to foster reading Poetry in English!

Here are the murals representing both parts of the day in the poem when "the Sun is shining bright" and the "Jellicle Moon" is rising high!

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