Monday, 22 April 2013

Canadian Projects: Galicia and Alberta Cultural Bites. Skype Date 1st. Part

Today we began the first of two Skype presentations with the 4th. Grade Bilingual International Dalhousie School of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.
Because of the 8 hour time difference, we collaborated with the parents and our students came into school this evening at five. It was 9 in the morning in Calgary!
This evening we spoke only in Spanish, but next week we will speak only in English. First of all, the Galician students said good morning to the Canadian students and the Canadian students said good afternoon to the Galician students. Next, they talked about the weather. Then, the Canadian students showed and explained to us some pictures of Alberta including animals, rivers, lakes, mountains, skiing and more.
Afterwards, our students asked some questions about the city, the province and all of Canada!
Finally, our students ended by singing the Galician song "Ondiñas veñen" and the Dalhousie students sang us "O Canada".
We are looking forward to next week a lot when we present our pictures, drawings and information about Galicia to the Canadian students in English. We have already started practising a lot and we are very excited to share so much of our culture.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Brenna Eileen Eaton.

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