Monday, 2 June 2014

Grade 5 students interviewing Kimberly Marie Cicciariello.

Last Friday Grade 5 students interviewed Kimberly Marie Cicciariello, since it was her last day with us. We´d like to thank her for everything and share the students´interview with you.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Grade 5 students interviewing Kimberly Marie Ciciariello:
1.  César: What do you like best of Vigo?
Kimberly: The beach! I like the beach…
2.  Laura B: What don´t you like of Galicia?
Kimberly: The rain!
3.  Jesús: What´s your favorite beach in Vigo?
Kimberly: I´ve only been to Samil, but I like Baiona too.
4.  Lara: Have you ever been to the Cies Islands?
Kimberly: Not, yet!
5.  Guillermo: What´s your favorite monument in Vigo?
Kimberly: I like an old church near Plaza de Sol in the Old Town.
6.  Andrea Durán: Have you visited Vigo´s Hills?
Kimberly: I ran up the stairs of the Castro.
7.  María López: What do you miss more of New York?
Kimberly: My large coffees! The best coffee we have! We have big silver carts that sell breakfast food, doughnuts and coffee. And the coffee is the best. That´s so good, not expresso, café Americano…
8.  Rubén: What´s your favorite Galician food?
Kimberly: I love Galician food! There´s a lot. My favorite is “empanada”.
9.  María Gil: Would you like to learn Galician Language in the future?
Kimberly: Possibly! I need to learn Spanish first, then Galician.
10.           Inés: How long have you lived in Galicia?
Kimberly: I have lived here since September, when I got here and also two years ago in Sada.
11.           Andrea Hermida:What have been your greatest experiences in Galicia?
Kimberly: Working here in Ría de Vigo with you guys!
12.           Ainoha: What do you usually do during the weekend?
Kimberly: Lot´s of things: travel, go for walks, try different Galician food in the centre, shop…
13.           Aaron: Do you like the Ría de Vigo children?
Kimberly: Yes!

14.           Xiana: Did you have fun with us at school?
Kimberly: Yes, I did have a lot of fun.
15.           María López: What do you prefer teaching children or adults?
Kimberly: I don´t know. There´s no difference. I like both. Both are rewarding.
16.           Bruno:Will you continue teaching in Galicia?
Kimberly: Yes, I´ll be at CIFP SOMESO in A Coruña.
17.           MARÍA LÓPEZ: What do you think about Galician people?
Kimberly: Very nice, loving people, very open and they have a very big heart.
18.           David: Have you met many people in Galicia?
Kimberly: Yes, I´ve met a lot.
19.           Gaizka: Do you have many friends in Galicia?
Kimberly: Yes, more in A Coruña than here… Spanish…
20.           Artai: What´s your favorite football team?
Kimberly: Barcelona.
21.           Fiz: What do you like doing at home?
Kimberly: I like paint and I like to cook and I like to run.
22.           Samuel: What´s you favorite shop / pet/ music…?
Kimberly: My favorite shops are Stradivarius and Mango. My favorite pet my dog and I have two cats. My favorite music… I like everything, but country music.
23.           Alex: Do you like Galician traditions?
Kimberly: Yes, you guys have a lot of "fiestas" and "siestas"… My favorite "fiestas" are the Summer Festivals with music and people dancing.
24.           Silvia: Do you like painting?
Kimberly: Yes, I do like painting.
Silvia: What´s your favorite style?
Kimberly: It depends! I like modern. I like non objective, like Mondrian and I like Realism.
25.           Daniel: Have you visited other communities apart from Galicia?
Kimberly: No, not this year, but I want next year.

26.           María López: Have you visited any Art Galleries in Galicia?
Kimberly: No, unfortunately!
27.           Mireia: Are you going to miss us?
Kimberly: Yes, of course, but I´m going to visit!
Ana: Thank you Kimberly for your Assitance!

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