Friday, 20 February 2015

Sharing Experience Across the Ría. Part 1: Rivers are more than water.

 By Sharing Experiences Across the Ría, we came across a new challenge of cooperating in the English classroom with The CEIP PLURILINGÜE SAN ROQUE DE DARBO, which lies in Cangas, just across Ría de Vigo. This Project, which is currently running in the English Language, not only involves the knowledge of our environment, but also  two plays that would be represented by Grade 6 students of both schools. Since we are now working on them, I have decided to upload the results as soon as we get them and share them with you. We´ll keep you updated!!!
In the meantime, you can watch this presentation made by Keith Lematti, our Irish Assistant Teacher. This presentation serves as an introduction to our Project; so that our students become familiar with geography items and vocabulary they may need to describe their environment. It is also another opportunity to teach English following a CLIL APPROACH, integrating English and Geography.
Stay tuned, since there will be more to come...!!!!!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

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