Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Santa Isabel Shipwreck Interview.

In celebration of Working Woman Day, the English Department of CEIP RÍA DE VIGO organized a small theatre performance with Grade 5 of Primary Education. This activity, which corresponded to both the English  Inmersion  Program and this year´s Library Project, was an Interview of the Santa Isabel Shipwreck that occured in 1921 in Ría de Arousa very close to Salvora Island.

The shipwreck is not only remembered as one of the most devastating in Galicia´s history, but also because of the heroic actions of three young women, who saved more than 50 lives that night. That´s why these women deserve the performance on this Working Woman Day. We would like to take this opportunity to dedicate it to their actions.

Grade 5 worked very hard and we are very proud of their performance.

Very soon, we will post the interview, the pictures and of course the video!
Stay tuned!

Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Camille Risch.

Here are the videos links of the rehearsal and the performance at our School Library last Thursday 8, March 2012 and Friday 9, March 2012. Enjoy!

The Play:

The Rehearsal:

And some pictures:

For further information, visit either the Library blog to read the bilingual version we wrote or the following link, which we suggested to the Library Team to upload it in our library blog, since we find it very interesting:



And you can find the English script in this post, as follows:

PRESENTOR 1: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to our Ría de Vigo news. The purpose of this new program is to talk about significant events in Galicia.
PRESENTOR 2: Today, the 8th. of March, we celebrate the Working Woman Day and we have a very interesting theme. This particular theme highlights the actions of three young women that made history, here in Galicia. They saved more than 50 lives the night of Santa Isabel shipwreck.
PRESENTOR 1: This evening we have 5 interviewers and we are very lucky to have a few survivors of the shipwreck, among them some passengers, some crew and most importantly the three women. So, let´s begin the interview!
INTERVIEWER 1: This is Aaron, who was a passenger survivor of the wreck and we can ask him some questions. First of all, can you tell us in which year did the shipwreck of the ship Santa Isabel occur?
SURVIVOR 1 (PASSENGER): It occurred on the 31st. December 1921.
INTERVIEWER 1: Where did this shipwreck happen?
SURVIVOR 1 (PASSENGER): It happened in Ría de Arousa.
INTERVIEWER 1: Ah, isn´t it very close to the Sálvora Island?
SURVIVAL 1 (PASSENGER): Indeed! It is only two hundred meters from Sálvora Island coast.
INTERVIEWER 1: Where were you coming from?
SURVIVAL 1 (PASSENGER): I was coming from A Coruña.
INTERVIEWER 1: What was the route of the ship?
SURVIVAL 1 (PASSENGER): We were going to Vilagarcía before our final destination in Argentina.

PRESENTOR 1: Thank you very much! Now, we will move onto the next interview.
INTERVIEWER 2: Here is Óscar, a crew man from the ship. What were you doing when the ship was crashing?
CREW MAN: I was controlling the direction of the boat.
INTERVIEWER 2: Can you tell us what happened?
CREW MAN: There was a violent storm. So, we decided to enter the Ría for protection. Because it was night, we didn´t see the rocks and crashed.

PRESENTOR 2: Let´s have the women rescuers give their account on what they saw!
INTERVIEWER 3: María, did you see the shipwreck?
MARÍA: Yes, I was, actually, walking on the shore and saw the shipwreck.
INTERVIEWER 3: And what did you do?
MARÍA: I ran home, but no one was there.
JOSEFA: You see, it was New Years Eve and all the people in the city were out celebrating in Ribeira, except some old people, some women and some children.
INTERVIEWER 4: So, you three decided to help? How brave!!!
CIPRIANA: Yes, we found a boat and went out to try and rescue some of the people from drowning.
INTERVIEWER 4: Amazing! And how old are you, girls?
INTERVIEWER 4: How many people did you rescue?
MARÍA: We were able to rescue 56 people, but we had to go back to shore four times.
JOSEFA: Also we didn´t do it alone. An Officer helped us with the rescue.

PRESENTER: We are now going to talk to this Officer and the family he helped save.
INTERVIEWER 5: Officer, can you tell us about the rescue?
OFFICER: Sure! It was dark because it was the middle of the night and so it was impossible to see. We were able to save people, since we heard their shouting.
INTERVIEWER 5: Like the Carolina Family here.
MUM: Exactly, we are so grateful to Officer Diego and those three brave women!
CHILD 1: It was so cold!
INTERVIEWER 5: How did the Officer find you?
CHILD 2: We had a raft!
FATHER: It´s true! We were able to float on a door that was in the water.

PRESENTER: How lucky! Thanks to the women and their actions, you are here today to tell us about it. Now, we´d like to welcome the Mayor of Ribeira.
MAYOR: The action was so moved by the heroic actions of these three women that the King Alfonso XIII gave them medals and gave Ribeira the tittle of “So noble, so loyal and so Humanitarian City”. We are so proud!

Written by:

Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Camille Risch.

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