Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Web pages for young learners.

 We´d like to share with our very young learners a few songs and activities to continue practising English at home. This link is a good song to practise names of animals and some action verbs:


Here we have four songs to review the Alphabet and Phonics. In the 1st. song, pay attention to the vowels since they can be tricky! Beware of the different sounds in the 2nd., 3rd., and 4th. song!




Would you like to learn about the colors? Listen to this rainbow song!


These are 2 funny songs to review the numbers. The 1st. one is about some wild monkeys, whereas the second one is about some jumping bottles to learn the countdown.



Another one about "Ten Little Indians"

And since we all love to talk about the weather, here are two song to learn some basic terms about the weather!



Enjoy these videos and be sure to let us know if you wish to learn about something else in English!
See you later.

Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Camille Risch.

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