Monday, 16 April 2012

The Travelling Seaweed!

This is a letter that we sent to our Pen Pals in Arkansas. We made the bookmarks from seaweed we collected at the Fuchiño Beach. In this letter we tell why we did it and below is the process of how we did it with the pictures. Enjoy them!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Camille Risch.

March 27, 2012
Dear Ryan, Jeff and the classes of Elmwood Middle School,

Since we have been so pleased with the Pen Pal Program and the students´ enthusiasm, we would like to share a small gift of appreciation from our school and from Galicia.
As you know Ría de Vigo lays on the Atlantic coast and our school is in a very close walking distance to the beach. Therefore, we are able to do many activities related to the Ocean and sea life. Recently, one of these activities, which formed part of one of our Programs, was in collaboration with the Physical Education Teacher J. Benito Míguez Rosendo.
When the tide was low, Grade 6 class and ourselves went on an excursion to the beach to collect the seaweeds. It was a Cross curricular and Integrated Learning Activity, because we incorporated Physical Education, Science, the Bilingual Program as well as the three languages we use (English, Galician and Spanish) to learn about sea life.
Each bookmark, which was made by different student, has the seaweed´s name in Latin, Galician and Spanish. Also they have a special wish!
Hope you like them and we are excited to continue the Program.
Best wishes.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.
Camille Risch.

How to make a Seaweed bookmark!

First of all, we went to the beach to collect the seaweed:

Secondly, we put the seaweed in fresh water.

Thirdly, we put the seaweed on strips of paper: we had to put the paper in water to place the seaweed and took out the paper when the seaweed was fully stretched.

 Next, we let them dry: we arranged the bookmarks in lines on a table and covered them with cloth in several layers. Then we put the layers in a press, so that the seaweed would stick to the paper.

Occasionally, we changed the cloth, so that they would dry better.

Once they were dry, we took them to the classroom, so that we could write the scientific name (in Latin) and English and Galician or Spanish and the dedication. Here is a list of seaweed wishes:
·        I´d like to share this seaweed with you.
·        Seaweed surfing to the States!
·        The Travelling Seaweed!
·        A RÍA DE VIGO memory!
·        This seaweed goes out to you!
·        I dedicate my seaweed to you!
·        Let´s begin our friendship with a seaweed!
·        Sending you some Atlantic Ocean!
·        We share this seaweed and the Atlantic!
·        Put seaweed in your life!
·        This seaweed crossed the Atlantic!
·        Now you can have a part of our sea!
·        Now you have a seaweed bookmark!

Afterwards, we laminated the bookmarks.

Finally, we sent them to America.
Now, we hope the Travelling Seaweed has a new home in Arkansas!

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