Monday, 6 May 2013

Native Americans of the Southwest United States.

For the last few months, our students have been studying Native American history and culture in the United States. So far, every grade has participated in at least some capacity, especially our Totem Pole Plurilingual Art Project with Marta´s cooperation.
For this final presentation, Brenna collaborated with her sister, Molly, who is studying history, anthropology, and archeology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Last Summer, she lived on a Native American reservation with the Ute Mountain Utes. This was a rare and special opportunity and she has been very kind to send us so many pictures in order to share her experience.
The following presentation begins with a brief introduction to the Southwestern United States and then includes Molly´s fascinating experience in Southern Colorado.
Thank you very much, Molly!
Brenna Eileen Eaton.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

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