Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell was a 20th. century American painter and illustrator. He portrayed American culture and he drew his ideas from observing the people around him, everyday life events like going to school, fishing and Thanksgiving dinner.He used concepts of families and traditions that every American household could identify with and connect with.
We are finishing the school year both in the bilingual and plurilingual groups by planning a task with them that is related to Norman Rockwell works.
First of all, the plurilingual group Grade 1 students are making a family tree, which is based on the one Rockwell did and that can be seen at the Norman Rockwell Museum. It can also be seen in the following link:
Secondly, we are focusing our task with grade 3 students on the covers of the Magazine "The Saturday Evening Post", which he portrayed.
Next, in the English lesson, we are going to introduce these students the life and work of the artist; focusing on the covers, since they represent scenes of the daily American life and culture as well as the most significative American Festivals. Once they understand this, they will be ready to do a parallel work  in the Art lesson; consisting on making a every day Galician life scene collage. They can choose between the following topics:
Children playing at the beach.
Children playing in the park.
Canido´s port. Magosto.
 "Chestnut Festival"
ST. John´s Festival.
"Samain" Festival..
As soon as they finish their covers, they can decide a tittle for each cover and they can describe each scene.
Finally, if there is enough time, they´ll show their works to the school students. Therefore, we intend to create our Norman Rockwell Magazine Corner at the school library.
Next are some links we visited and a presentation about Norman Rowell that Brenna did to introduce the topic to the students:

This is the main link with the printouts of the magazine cover and the family tree!

There will be more to come. So, stay tune!
Brenna Eileen Eaton.
Marta Diéguez Lorenzo.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.


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