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Grade 4, 5 and 6 Interviewing Brenna Eileen Eaton.

Time flies, we are getting to the end of the school year and Brenna is leaving. She has already finished her lessons with us. We´d like to thank her all her great work, collaboration and dedication and we wish her all the best  in her new life in Colorado. Next is the script of the older grades interviewing Brenna in the English lesson and some pictures of us and the students that interviewed her. Hope you enjoy it!

Interviewing Brenna Eileen Eaton.
1.  Andrea: “Is this your first time in Spain?”
Brenna: “No, I came to Spain when I was sixteen and then when I was twenty. So this is my third time in Spain.”
2.  Andrea: “What do you like best about Spain?”
Brenna: “The culture of Spain is very different from America and I like the culture and history as well as all the stories. Spain is much older than America”.
3.  Óscar: “When did you come to Galicia?”
Brenna: “I came late. So, I arrived November earliest”.
4.  Andrea: “What were your first impressions when you arrived in Galicia?”
Brenna: “My first impression of Galicia was GREEN, GREEN AND GREEN EVERYWHERE. And I arrived in Santiago and it was trees and trees and trees. I came from a brown place. Colorado is brown.”
5.  Mario: “What do you like about Galicia?”
“I like the animals since I love cows and I like the green. Every time I have returned to Galicia after a trip, I have noticed how clean the air is!”
6.  What do you think of the Galician landscape?”
Brenna: “I think the fields, the trees and the islands are all very beautiful.”
7.  Luis: “What is your favorite aspect about Galicia?”
Brenna: “The landscape and how beautiful it is and the unique culture. Galician culture is unique and very interesting. Besides, I have learnt a lot of things that I would not have learnt in another part of Spain.”
8.  Mario: “Have you visited the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela?”
Brenna: “Yes, I have been there twice. I think it is very interesting, but I like all the different cathedrals. So I can´t say I have a favorite.”
9.  Artai: “What monuments have you visited in Galicia?”
Brenna: “I went to Ourense and I went to the Thermas. I have been to the Tower of Hercules, The Roman Wall in Lugo, “a praia das Catedrais” in Ribadeo, the Parador in Baiona, the Cathedral in Santiago and in Lugo.”
10.            Luis: “Do you like Galician music?”
Brenna: “Yes, I do. I´ve learnt a lot about the celtic influence and I like the bagpipes!”
11.            Jesús: “Do you like the Galician Festivals?”
Brenna: “Yes, the Arribada was my favorite day in Spain and I like the other festivals as well. I wish I could be here for the Roman Festival in Lugo and for ST. James.”
12.            Jesús: “Have you tried Galician octopus?”
Brenna: “Yes, I like octopus even though it is not my favorite food”.
13.            Andrea: “Why did you come to our “CEIP PLURILINGÜE RIA DE VIGO”?
Brenna: “When Xunta chose me, they gave me Galicia and I said Yes, I want to come to Galicia and then they sent me to this school. So I haven´t chosen the school.”
14.            Xián: “Which were your first impressions when you arrived at the school?
Brenna: “I was amazed with the views and location and also everyone here was very happy and they welcome me warming and talked to me a lot!”
15.            Mario: “Do you like the views from the English classroom?”
Brenna: “Yes, I was astounded when I arrived here; because I´m pretty sure no one else has these views!”
16.            Antón: “Do you like CEIP PLURILINGÜE RÍA DE VIGO?”
Brenna: Yes, I do.
17.            Andrea: “Did you enjoy the English lessons?”
Brenna: “Yes, I´ve enjoyed working with all grades and now I like working with the younger, the middle and the older. I´ve been coaching ages from 3 to 12, but I hadn´t worked with the younger students in quite some time.
18.            Aroa: “Did you enjoy staying with us?”
Brenna: “Yes, I like Vigo a lot and I´m very lucky to be in this school”.
19.            Andrea: “What do you think of the English level of the school?”
Brenna: “I was very impressed with the older level of the school, because you can already carry out conversations well”.
20.            Lara: “Do you like this experience at CEIP PLURILINGÜE RÍA DE VIGO?
Brenna: Yes, I am very lucky because everyone here is welcoming; the school is in a very special place location and the students are awesome!”
21.            Aroa: “Have you learnt much Spanish here?”
Brenna: “Yes, I wish I had learnt more, but I did learn some Spanish and some words in Galician”.
22.            Rubén:“What school did you study at?”
Brenna:”In America, we say Elementary School instead of Primary and I went to “Little Elementary” and my Middle School was called “Moore Middle”. So, I went “from Little to Moore”…
23.            Iria: “Which was your favorite subject at school?
Brenna: “My favorite subject was Social Studies like Geography or History, but my favorite class was Algebra, that is, Math.”
24.            Mario: “What would suggest to your students about learning English?”
Brenna: “I would say practice with each other if you can, because I have also learnt some of my Spanish by speaking because they have shown me what to say.”
25.            Inés: “Where do you live in Vigo?”
Brenna: “I live near Principe. So, I live one street from the Sireno and Porta do Sol.
26.            Inés: “When did you get used to this city”.
Brenna: “Probably at the end of January or probably at the beginning of February, but even now some things feel more normal or are easy.
27.            Inés: “How much do you love Vigo?”
Brenna: “I love Vigo a lot. I think Vigo is beautiful, even though not everyone always agrees.”
28.            Ana Isabel: “Who doesn´t always agree?”
Brenna: “I have met some Spanish people and other Auxiliaries who think that some buildings in Vigo are not pretty”.
29.            Andrea: “What is the more you like in Vigo?
Brenna: “I like the Old Town and the “Sireno”.
30.            Andrea: “What didn´t you see of Vigo?”
Brenna: “I saw a lot in Vigo and went to many places, but I did not go to the hills often.”
31.            María: “Would you like to live in Vigo forever?”
Brenna: “I´ll probably wouldn´t live in Vigo forever. I would spend Spring or Summer here, but not Winter…”
32.            Ana Isabel: “Why not, if winter is much colder in Colorado?”
Brenna: “I prefer winter in Colorado because I prefer snow over rain. I don´t like the rain.
33.            María: “What´s the worst thing about living in Vigo?
Brenna: “I like walking in Vigo, but sometimes I wish I had a car here, because sometimes it is very difficult to go to other places outside Vigo without a car.”
34.            María: “What do you do in your spare time in Vigo during the week?”
Brenna: “I meet with friends frequently or have lessons after school”.
35.            Hugo: “How many friends have you met in Vigo?”
Brenna: “I have met a lot of friends in Vigo and I have five close friends that I will keep or stay in contact forever. However, if I had more time here, I would like to meet more Spanish people here. Many of my friends are Americans as well, mostly Auxiliaries.”
36.            Alex: “What´s the name of your best friend?”
Brenna: “Jessica”.
37.            María: “What´s your favorite food you have tried in Vigo?”
Brenna: “I like “lentejas” or lentils and “empanadillas”, especially with meat or shrimp.”
38.            Ana: “What´s your favorite drink?”
Brenna: “My favorite drink is coffee”.
39.            Alex: “What´s your favorite color?”
Brenna: “Purple and silver”.
40.            Mar: “Do you like any groups of music?”
Brenna: “Yes, but I don´t know the names. I´d like to learn the names of some groups before I leave and buy some to take them with me.”
41.            Rubén: “What sport do you practice?
Brenna: I practice gymnastics, but now I like running and hiking. And if I could play any sport, I would like to play soccer; but I am not very good. I wish I could play soccer!”
42.            Inés: “How do you like to spend your afternoons during the weekend?”
Brenna: “Now I can go to the beach with friends, but I also like to travel to places.”
43.            Aroa:“ Do you like our beaches?”
Brenna: Yes, your beaches are very, very nice beaches, especially compared to Boston, where I was last year. I like them a lot!
44.            Andrea: “Which beach did you visit?”
Brenna: “I have been to Samil, to the Vao, Toralla, Canido, Patos, Praia América, Baiona, the beaches of the Cíes Islands, A Praia das Catedrais, Area Longa and a beach in Coruña.”
45.            Antón: “Did you like A Coruña?”
Brenna: “Yes, I did. I met a friend in A Coruña, who lived there and showed me a lot of things.”
46.            Antón: “What part of Galicia do you like best?”
Brenna: “I like them all because they are so different, but so close.”
47.            Andrea: “What do you like best Galicia or Colorado?”
Brenna: “I like Colorado for the mountains and Galicia for the beaches”.
48.            Andrea: “Do you miss Colorado?”
Brenna: Sometimes yes.
49.            Andrea: “Will you ever return to Galicia?”
Brenna: “Yes, I´m sure I will.
50.            Antón: “Do you have good memories of this experience?”
Brenna: “Yes, I was very happy that I was signed here!”

In the following pictures you can see Grade 6 sudents saying goodbye to Brenna:
 Thank you, Brenna. We´ll keep in touch and see you soon!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey

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