Sunday, 12 June 2016

Acting emotions. Portfolio Activity. Niamh Sharkey Ravenous Beast Adaptation for the Pre - School Students´plays. You Tube videos.

The 5 year old class' production of The Ravenous Beast has been a catalyst to learning English for students of such a young age. Through learning, practicing, and presenting the play to both students at Ria de Vigo and also to CEIP FRIÁN TEIS through Vigo Intertheatre School Events, students have learned valuable English vocabulary and sentence structures as well as enhanced their pronunciation and gained confidence speaking. Through the production of the Ravenous Beast, students have learned to express themselves and their emotions in English. They have gained confidence public speaking in English in front of an audience, which is a skill that is truly essential in the development and use of the English language throughout each student's educational career. They have learned to apply what they are learning of the world around them, and have learned to see themselves as capable leaders in an international, multilingual world.
I´d like to Thank the students´families for their great collaboration, since they have made the costumes for the plays. Also Thank you to the students´tutor Emma and to our Assistant teacher Carolyn Luby for their great help...!!!
Stay tuned, since there´s more to come...!!!!!!!
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.


1st. Performance at CEIP FRIÁN TEIS participating on "Vigo Interteatro."

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