Thursday, 25 May 2017

New Orleans: A City Underwater.

New Orleans: A City Under Water pt. I, II & III
This was the capstone presentation for our Global Warming project. We had the idea to compare two cities in the world. One city that the students were familiar with, Vigo, and another city of the same size that our auxiliar de conversación was familiar with, New Orleans. 
New Orleans was the site of the 2004 hurricane Katrina natural disaster. The entire city is, and was, built under sea level. So, with a little bit of strong wind and rain, the city itself could be flooded very easily. 
This presentation goes through the history and geography of the city, so that the students can more easily relate to the effects of Global Warming. At the very end of the geography section there are two really cool maps that use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to measure what would happen if the global temperature increased and the sea-level rises. You should definitly check out the maps!

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