Wednesday, 24 May 2017

YouTube videos related to Global Warming and Climate Change.

Have a look at the following videos to learn about Climate Change and Global Warming:

-Global Warming for Kids:

Global Warming for Kids has been a fantastic video for learning the process of Global Warming. It was so informative, that we were able to make worksheets about climate change to further inhance the students comprehension of the topic

Next are some reading activities related to the video:

-Our Future Narrated by Morgan Freeman:

This video was a perfect introduction to our Global Warming project. It shows real places on Earth that have been affected by climate change, but it also shows places that are trying to fix the problems caused by industry, gases, and vehicles. After the video was shown, the students brainstormed ideas from, "Our Future", to begin thinking about the topic.

-Climate Change by NASA (very difficult video, only for advanced students):

There are more presentations, pictures and videos to come...!!!

Caleb Morgan.
Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey.

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